Monsters Are Human


Monsters Are HumanPaul Iyoupe - Vocals /Guitar
Lex Coulstring - Guitar / Vocals / Synth
Dana Perry - Bass
Rick Ruth - Drums

After a short hiatus in 2018, Monsters Are Human return for 2019 and onward. Skillful players are now onboard to create a powerful blend of Heavy Rock, Alt Metal & Synthwave; Founder Lex Coulstring (Guitar, Keys, Vocals) is joined by Paul Iyoupe (Vocals, Guitar), Dana Perry (Bass, Vocals) and Rick Ruth (Drums).

Together, unified as a four-piece based-out of Halifax, Nova Scotia – Monsters Are Human are determined and ready to make a massive impact in music this year. Seizing the inspiration of their instant chemistry and creating, jamming & writing bold new cuts that wickedly blend the haunting, heavy & melodic as one. With old and new material being written and soon recorded and live-shows planned for summer of 2019 – the gripping sound of Monsters Are Human is set to rip the modern-day mainstream apart and unleash a beastly new approach to music that hits the mark on every level. You’ve been warned.

Through our pattern of thoughts and wave of emotions, we create the monsters inside us. Some are good and some are bad but all monsters are human.