Monsters Are Human
Just about this time a year ago, the band would come to a stand still. Too many stresses and other unrelated situations had took a toll on a few members and thus, the band just couldn't continue in its current state. Lex being the founder stepped down to take control of his life and focus on issues that hindered his leadership in the band. "I just had too much on my plate and could not handle day to day responsibilities of "running" a band. So I just stopped after finding our my lead guitarist quit" Lex continues, "A year has gone by, my priorities and goals are back in line and a band is my passion. I knew I could find team members who will be as energetic and driven to build a great band as I am. And if anything happens, well I have the strength to fix it".  With a new team aside from the founder Lex Coulstring, the band is now getting into previous material and new material to start writing their pieces and offer their collaboration to write some killer songs. More to come!